Online Μαθήματα για Makeup, Hair Styling, Βλεφαρίδες, Μανικιούρ & Αποτρίχωση με Κερί, από το International Open Academy

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  • 9,99€ από 99€ για Online Μαθήματα "Contouring & Highlighting Expert"
  • 9,99€ από 99€ για Online Μαθήματα "Extensions & Hair Styling"
  • 9,99€ από 99€ για Online Μαθήματα "Eyelash Technician"
  • 9,99€ από 99€ για Online Μαθήματα "Makeup For The Everyday Woman"
  • 9,99€ από 99€ για Online Μαθήματα "Nail Technician"
  • 9,99€ από 99€ για Online Μαθήματα "The Ultimate Guide to Waxing & Hair Removal"
  • Τα μαθήματα γίνονται στα Αγγλικά
  • Πρόσβαση στα μαθήματα 24/7 για 1 χρόνο από την ημερομηνία εγγραφής
  • Περιλαμβάνεται πιστοποιητικό παρακολούθησης
  • Τα μαθήματα είναι αναγνωρισμένα από τον διεθνή οργανισμό ICOES (International Council for Online Educational Standards- - accreditation number ICOES/00763/13/36
Αφού ολοκληρώσετε επιτυχημένα τη σειρά των μαθημάτων θα λάβετε άμεσα το πιστοποιητικό παρακολούθησης σε μορφή PDF, για να το προσθέσετε στο βιογραφικό σας.
*Μπορείτε επίσης να ζητήσετε αντίγραφο σε εκτυπωμένη μορφή, με μικρή έξτρα χρέωση για τα ταχυδρομικά έξοδα.

Contouring & Highlighting Expert
Learn the latest tips and techniques and create a flawless face through highlighting and contouring - achieve whatever look you want. Learn how to highlight and contour just like the pros! Using a mix of lessons and video tutorials, we’ll show you the latest tips and techniques for creating a flawless face for yourself or your clients!

What you will learn
This course may be contouring for beginners, but by the end you’ll be an expert! You’ll learn how to:
  • Identify face shapes
  • Measure the face for symmetry
  • Design a facial map for product placement
  • Match the perfect colors for foundation
  • Find an ideal contour palette
  • Choose the right products and tools for your contouring kit
  • Properly blend with easy techniques 
  • Professionally apply cream products
  • Professionally apply powder products
  • Add color in the right places with blush
  • Work with all ethnicities and skin types
  • Alter various face shapes and features
Course Breakdown
Module 1: Preparing The Skin
Introduction to skin
Identifying skin types – Dry, Oily, Combination, etc.
Choosing products
Understanding the color wheel
Color correcting
Using concealer
Matching foundations for every skin tone and ethnicity
Identifying face shapes

Module 2: Highlighting With Cream
Benefits of using creams
Cream vs. Powder highlighter
Creating a map for symmetry
Measuring facial zones
Choosing tools for cream highlighters
Choosing cream products
Color choices for all skin tones
Applying cream highlighter

Module 3: Contouring With Cream
Benefits of using creams for contouring
Pros and cons of cream contours
Choosing contouring products
Color choices for all skin tones
Using a facial map for contouring
Where to place contouring
Applying cream contouring

Module 4: Contouring With Powder
Benefits of using powders
Powder types
Pros and cons to powders
Setting with powder
Choosing tools for powder contouring
Applying powder contouring

Module 5: Highlighting With Powder
Benefits of using powder highlighters
Setting with powder highlighter
Discover the power of reflection
Types of powder highlighters
Choosing tools for powder highlighting
Color choices for all skin tones
Applying powder highlighters

Extensions & Hair Styling
Create impressive up-dos and luscious curls in this online hairstyling course. Start with the basics of hair and progress to extension application and professional salon techniques, to take your skills to the next level!

The course is written by a top stylist who has many years experience in all areas of hair styling. You’ll receive in-depth understanding on the importance of caring for the different types of hair and see how to work creatively with styling. As up styling and extensions have become such a huge part of the hair styling service, we devote one module each to giving you an excellent education on each of these valuable skills.

What you will learn
  • Hairstyles throughout history, their place in fashion eras and how many classic looks are adapted for a modern twist
  • The structure of hair and how to care for, protect and nourish it.
  • Inside tips and tricks on techniques like washing, straightening, curling, and drying
  • How to suit hair color and styles to individual face shapes and skin tones
  • How to create special styles for occasions and create many looks with one cut
  • Upstyles – past trends that are the basis of many modern looks + the latest up to date styles
  • Extensions – different types and step by step techniques for applying and removing
Course Breakdown
Module 1: A Closer Look At Hair
The structure of hair
The scalp
The history of hair
Different types of hair

Module 2: How To Treat Hair
Hair products
Hair and scalp analysis
Avoiding mistakes and damage

Module 3: Hair Colour And Hair Shape
Which shades enhance which skin type & which colours don’t work.
Which shape/style of hair suits which face shape

Module 4: How To Wash Hair Professionally
The benefits of scalp massage
Hair treatments
Expert tips
How to professionally wash hair - video tutorial

Module 5: Tools
Blow drying equipment
Different types of tools

Module 6: Styling
How to add volume - video tutorial
Creating curls with rollers - video tutorial
Enhancing curls with a diffuser - video tutorial
How to straighten hair - video tutorial
Sculpting hair with finger technique and wax - video tutorial

Module 7: Men's Hair
Is men’s hair different?
Applying Gel - video tutorial
Applying Wax - video tutorial

Module 8: Upstyling
Brief history of upstyling
Essential tools for upstyling
Preparation of hair for upstyling and braiding
Selection of upstyles
Techniques for creating upstyles
Fillers and hairpieces
Upstyles, step by step.

Module 9: Extensions
Practical application of extensions
Removable or Clip Extensions
Keratin Extensions
Micro Ring Extensions

Module 10: Hairstyles
Short pixie cut
Short structured style
Androgynous style
Shoulder length hair, no fringe
Round bob with feathery contours and side parting
Long hair, layered or without layers.

Eyelash Technician
Upskill yourself with step-by-step training in how to safely apply, maintain, and remove lash extensions. Get the tools you need to start your new career as an eyelash technician today!

Whether you’ve been in the beauty industry for years and are just looking to offer clients a new service or are a lash artist who is wanting to open up your own business, mastering the art of eyelashes is one of the fastest growing and most profitable skills you could learn.

What you will learn
  • trends in eyelashes
  • types of lash extensions, lifts and perms
  • how to safely apply eyelash extensions and what products you need to use
  • the tools to use for various eyelash services
  • home maintenance for eyelash extensions
  • how to properly remove lash extensions
  • how to properly apply lash lifts and what products you need to use
  • home maintenance for eyelash lifts
  • health and safety procedures for lash lifts
  • how to properly apply lash perms and what products you need to use
  • health and safety procedures for lash perms
  • home maintenance for eyelash perms
  • how to keep your customer safe
  • how to price your services
  • how to market your business
Course Breakdown
Module 1: Introduction
1.1 Current Trends in Eyelashes
1.2 Eyelash Extensions
1.3 Eyelash Lifts
1.4 Eyelash Perms
1.5 Eyelash Extension Tools

Module 2: Eyelash Extensions
2.1 Types of eyelash extensions
2.2 Application techniques, tools and products for eyelash extensions
2.3 Health and safety for eyelash extensions
2.4 Home maintenance
2.5 Removal

Module 3: Eyelash Lifts
3.1 Types of lash lifts
3.2 Application techniques, tools and products for lash lifts
3.3 Health and safety for lash lifts
3.4 Home maintenance

Module 4: Eyelash Perms
4.1 Types of lash perms
4.2 Application techniques, tools and products for lash perms
4.3 Health and safety for lash perms
4.4 Home maintenance

Module 5: Customer Care
5.1 How to keep your customer’s eyes safe
5.2 Upselling
5.3 Social media marketing
5.4 Best business practices

Makeup For the Everyday Woman
Get the look you love! Learn beauty tips to look after your skin, and create different makeup looks for daytime, work and a glam night out
Contouring? Cat eyes? Strobing? If you’ve picked up a magazine or read a beauty blog lately, you may be overwhelmed by the latest beauty trends. There are new products, new techniques, and new looks – and you’re still trying to figure out how mascara works. We totally get it! Sure, there are tutorials available online, but it’s hard to translate those bold fashion looks for YOUR day to day use; you’ll need simple everyday makeup, and makeup for beginners.

What you will learn
Learn subtle application for flawless natural looks, soft day makeup, and glamorous evening styles when you want more drama. This course contains video tutorials that you can follow along with and replay, so you master the technique at your own pace. It’s perfect for the every woman who doesn’t have time to fuss over a mirror, but still wants to look and feel beautiful!

Course Breakdown
Module 1: Natural Beauty And Healthy Glow
Cleansing, Exfoliating, and Toning the Skin
Identifying Your Skin Type
DIY Skincare Treatments
Ageless Skin (mature 50+)
Ageless Skin (middle-aged 35-50)
Ageless Skin (adulthood 25-35)
Getting the Perfect Eyebrow Shape – video tutorial
Eyebrow Hair Removal
Defining the Brows with Makeup

Module 2: The “no Makeup” Look
Learn Your Makeup Terms
Priming the Skin
Foundation Types and Textures
Choosing Foundation to Suit Skin Tone – video tutorial
Correctors and Concealers – video tutorial
Setting with Bronzer
Nude Makeup

Module 3: Soft Makeup For Daytime And Work
Finding YOUR Best Color Palette
Applying Eye Makeup for Every Eye Shape
Eye Makeup Application – video tutorial
Eyeliner and Mascara
How to Apply Eyeliner – video tutorial
Choosing Lipstick
Lip Makeup - video tutorial
Makeup for Daytime
Daytime Looks – video tutorial

Module 4: Get Glam! Evening Makeup
Prepping Skin for Long-Lasting Makeup
Easy Contouring Technique – video tutorial
Highlighters –Cream or Powder? – video tutorial
Makeup Looks for Evening and Parties – video tutorial
The Classic Smoky Eye – video tutorial
Working with False Lashes – video tutorial

Module 5: Create Your Own Makeup Kit
Your Personal Makeup Kit
All About Brushes
Makeup Essentials
Kit Pricing
Cleaning and Hygiene
Staying on Top of Beauty Trends

Nail Technician
As a nail technician, you will have a desirable, in-demand skill. On average, clients book a manicure every 1 or 2 weeks and a pedicure once a month. With such frequent visits, it is easy to fill your appointment book with loyal customers.

This online course shares expert advice on how to become a nail technician. You will be confident you can take good care of your clients by knowing:
  • exercises for hands
  • step-by-step process for manicures and pedicures
  • hand and foot massages
  • how to properly apply nail polish, gel nails and Shellac nails
  • how to take care of hands and recognize nail disorders
What you will learn
The IOA’s extensive nail artist course equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to start a very exciting career in nail care. You’ll begin by learning to recognize individual types of skin and the most suitable products to treat them with. We outline the problems you’ll come across in nails and how to correct them.

A good manicure is not just about nail care. This course includes a module on hand exercises and how to give a great hand massage, the foundations to healthy, beautiful hands. We’ll also show you how to adapt these techniques to a pedicure. Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time for the exciting parts.

Starting with the steps for a French manicure, we’ll show you all the latest trends and techniques for decorating nails in fashion busting glamor! You’ll learn about different types of nail polish and their properties, what’s current in nail fashion and much more.

Course Breakdown
Module 1: General Care Of Hands
Skin Types
Creams and suitable products
Exercises for hands
Nail disorders

Module 2: Manicure
The steps to a good manicure:
Hand massage:

Module 3: Pedicure
Steps to a good pedicure.
Foot Massage

Module 4: Nail Art
Types of nail polish
Tools you need and how to add decorations.
Examples of decoration choices
Products on the market.

Module 5: Gel & Shellac Manicure
Gel Nails
Step by step instructions for sculpted gel nails with French manicure.
Maintaining and filling:
Shellac Style Nails
Steps for applying Shellac

The Ultimate Guide to Waxing & Hair Removal
Learn how to perform waxing treatments with confidence and grow your beauty business today! It is one of the quickest and easiest beauty treatments to master and also one of the most profitable. Waxing is one of the foundation beauty services of any successful salon. Salons and spas see the highest return on investment when offering waxing services due to low cost of goods and less time involved in performing the service.
This course will take you through the most popular waxing treatments, safety procedures, how to take care of your clients and how to market your business. Study from the comfort and convenience of your own home, with 24/7 access to your course materials.

What you will learn
  • different types of waxing
  • trends in waxing
  • moisturizing and aromatherapy
  • the equipment needed
  • waxing health and safety
  • waxing procedures
  • threading
  • client aftercare
  • proper cleaning of equipment
  • common problems that may arise
  • dos and don'ts for you and your clients
  • how to build your waxing business
Course Breakdown
Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Equipment And Supplies

Module 3: Procedures
3.1 Facial Waxing
3.2 Body Waxing
3.3 Genital Waxing
3.4 Leg and Arm Waxing
3.5 Threading

Module 4: Aftercare
4.1 Client Aftercare
4.2 Proper Cleaning of Equipment
4.3 Common Issues and How to Solve Them
4.4 Dos & Don’ts for You and Your Clients

Module 5: Building Your Business
5.1 How to Become an Esthetician
5.2 What do You Need to Open a Waxing Business
5.3 How to Start a Waxing Business
5.4 Marketing
5.5 Pricing

International Open Academy

Το International Open Academy προσφέρει κορυφαία ποιοτική εκπαίδευση για όλους, με διεθνές αναγνωρισμένο πιστοποιητικό ICOES (International Council for Online Educational Standards- - accreditation number ICOES/00763/13/36. Είναι επίσης αναγνωρισμένο κέντρο εκπαίδευσης από το TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) από το 2019 (TQUK Centre Number: C001157).

Διαθέτει μεγάλη ποικιλία με διάφορα θέματα και μπορείτε να επιλέξετε ανάμεσα από 170 μαθήματα από κατηγορίες όπως: Animal Science & Care, Beauty & Fashion, Business & Careers, Computing & IT, Cooking, Criminology, Event Management, Hobbies, 
Interior Design, Languages, Life Skills, Parenting, Photography, Sport, Writing & Media Skills.

Επίσης διαθέτει και πιστοποίηση CPD/CE
*CPD Membership Number: 10817

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