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  • 9,99€ από 99€ για Online Μαθήματα Memory Training Champion Techniques
  • 9,99€ από 99€ για Online Μαθήματα Mindfulness Masterclass
  • 9,99€ από 99€ για Online Μαθήματα NLP: The Psychology of Success
  • Τα μαθήματα γίνονται στα Αγγλικά
  • Πρόσβαση στα μαθήματα 24/7 για 1 χρόνο από την ημερομηνία εγγραφής
  • Περιλαμβάνεται πιστοποιητικό παρακολούθησης
  • Τα μαθήματα είναι αναγνωρισμένα από τον διεθνή οργανισμό ICOES (International Council for Online Educational Standards- - accreditation number ICOES/00763/13/36
Αφού ολοκληρώσετε επιτυχημένα τη σειρά των μαθημάτων θα λάβετε άμεσα το πιστοποιητικό παρακολούθησης σε μορφή PDF, για να το προσθέσετε στο βιογραφικό σας.
*Μπορείτε επίσης να ζητήσετε αντίγραφο σε εκτυπωμένη μορφή, με μικρή έξτρα χρέωση για τα ταχυδρομικά έξοδα.

Memory Training Champion Techniques
If you believe you have a poor memory, think again. Learn memorization techniques to recall everyday items from your PIN to the bigger stuff like your history exam.

This course has been compiled by the first-ever female World Memory Champion and YouTuber, Yänjaa. She graduated from business school in half the time, all thanks to memory techniques.

What you will learn
  • The benefits of memory training and how to get a healthy memory
  • What just 5 minutes of memory training will do for you
  • Use the #1 trick to remember more stuff
  • Fire up your imagination to supercharge your memory
  • Get the key to your Memory Palace, use it for the first time, and know how to keep it in a good state
  • Making important numbers like your PIN and passwords stick in your mind
  • Never make the social gaffe of anyone’s name again
  • Finally, some memory party tricks to amaze your friends
Course Breakdown
Module 1: Introduction
1.1. Meet Yänjaa: Memory champion, memory expert and YouTuber
1.2. What you will learn from this course
1.3. The benefits of memory training. Can I really “get” a great memory?
1.4. Memory myth busting and what is actually possible with memory training
1.5. Let’s get started! What 5 minutes of memory training can do for you
1.6. Sleeping, eating, exercising, and meditating your way to a healthy memory

Module 2: Basic Principles Of Memorization
2.1. Know yourself and what you are already good at remembering
2.2. Unlocking creativity and the imagination to supercharge your memory
2.3. The #1 trick to remembering more and saying goodbye to rote learning
2.4. Making memorable associations to bring memories to life
2.5. The best ways, times, and places to train your mind
2.6. Memory Workshop: Activity I

Module 3: The Memory Palace A Fundamental Tool Of Memorizing
3.1. What is a memory palace and how can I get one?
3.2. Building your shiny new memory palace and using it for the first time
3.3. Cleaning, repairing, and building new memory palaces the right way
3.4. Memory palace do’s and don'ts
3.5. Memory Workshop: Activity II

Module 4: Practical Memory Techniques For Daily Life
4.1. Single-digit numbers and how to make them stick
4.2. Remembering passwords and other short numbers
4.3. Remembering longer numbers (passport, SSN, credit card numbers)
4.4. Where are my keys, wallet, and phone
4.5. How to never forget another birthday or special occasion

Module 5: Socializing Nice To Meet You, I Already Forgot You…
5.1. The power of remembering people’s personal details
5.2. Never forget a face - and the name that goes with it!
5.3. Never forget a name - and the face that goes with it!
5.4. Memory party tricks to dazzle your friends
5.5. Memory Workshop: Activity III
5.6. Thank you and goodbye

Mindfulness Masterclass
Learn to live in the moment. Explore mindfulness practices to help you focus on the present, reduce stress, switch off and be happier.

What you will learn
This course will take you from the start, and lead you through the knowledge and techniques you will need to apply mindfulness to your daily life. You will learn how to use mindfulness, including meditation, thought analysis, stress reduction, and learn how to increase happiness. You'll also learn simple exercises to reduce stress, recognize anxiety, and learn to stop harmful thoughts in their tracks.
  • Mindful Living - Learn about the processes, techniques, and steps that go into mindful living, and learn how to apply them to your own life
  • Meditation - Learn to meditate and release stress
  • Breathwork - Learn how breathing affects your entire body, and how to influence it for mindfulness
  • Happiness - Happiness is a science, and you will learn how to apply it to your own life with mindfulness techniques, so that you can reduce stress, and be happy doing everyday things
  • Removing Harmful Patterns - Learn to recognize and remove harmful thought patterns, influences, and how to step away from negative environments, so that you can be happy
  • Mindfulness Without Thinking - Learn how to apply mindfulness to your everyday life, so you can eventually be mindful without consciously thinking about it
Course Breakdown
Module 1: What Is Mindfulness
Introducing Mindfulness
How Being Present Reduces Stress
The Health Benefits of Living Mindfully
How Mindfulness Affects Your Life
Getting Started with Meditation
Living in the Present

Module 2: Reducing Stress
How Stress Affects our Lives
Mindfulness and Stress
Identifying Stress Factors In Your Life
A 10 Minute Stress Reducing Exercise
Recognizing and Controlling Anxiety

Module 3: Cultivating Happiness
Mindfulness and Happiness
Switching Off
Practicing Gratitude
Environment, Influences, and Energy
Stop & Redirect Unhappy Thoughts
Training Yourself to Be Happy

Module 4: Mindfulness Practices
The Science of Mindfulness
Letting Go and Thought Analysis

Module 5: Introducing Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life
Switched on Mindfulness
A Set Time for Mindfulness
Understanding Moods and Emotions
Understanding Automatic Thought
Mindfulness in Actions
Mindfulness on Autopilot

NLP: The Psychology of Success
Smash your goals and live your best life with Neuro Linguistic Programming. Use NLP techniques to take control of your own destiny and achieve anything.

NLP is an attitude and a methodology, it's a set of tools and techniques to carry with you for the rest of your life to help you free yourself from negative thoughts, achieve your goals and live the life you truly desire. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has helped millions of people around the world change their lives and realize their true potential and now you too, can be on your way to greater happiness and well-being.
From this course you'll learn how to solve your problems, unleash your true potential, communicate with your brain more effectively and understand and overcome your fears so you can unlock new possibilities and transform your life!

What you will learn
  • the benefits of NLP
  • how NLP works
  • the pillars of NLP
  • how to manage your mind
  • memory creation
  • the four-point formula for success
  • how to keep track of goals
  • how to use senses to improve communication
  • meta-program basics
  • how to apply NLP to your everyday life
  • what the NLP anchors are
  • the 10 applications of NLP
Course Breakdown
Module 1: An Introduction To Neuro-linguistic Programming
1.1 What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and What Is It Used For?
1.2 The Components of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
1.3 The Four Pillars of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
1.4 Applications of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Module 2: Key Concepts In Neuro-linguistic Programming
2.1 The 13 Presuppositions
2.2 Conscious and Unconscious Mind
2.3 Ecology –Internal Ecology and External Ecology

Module 3: Managing Your Mind
3.1 What outcome do you want?
3.2 Beliefs
3.3 Neurological Levels
3.4 Neurological Levels Language and Alignment

Module 4: Working With Emotions
4.1 Emotional states and your baseline state
4.2 Working with association and disassociation
4.3 Becoming aware of your emotional anchors
4.4 Breaking states and pattern interrupting
4.5 Working with your anchors

Module 5: Working With Submodalities
5.1 What are submodalities?
5.2 ‘The swish’
5.3 Working with phobias
5.4 Learning from previous experiences

Module 6: Nlp Strategies
6.1 What are NLP Strategies?
6.2 TOTE
6.3 Designing a strategy
6.4 Installing a strategy
6.5 Modelling

International Open Academy

Το International Open Academy προσφέρει κορυφαία ποιοτική εκπαίδευση για όλους, με διεθνές αναγνωρισμένο πιστοποιητικό ICOES (International Council for Online Educational Standards- - accreditation number ICOES/00763/13/36. Είναι επίσης αναγνωρισμένο κέντρο εκπαίδευσης από το TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) από το 2019 (TQUK Centre Number: C001157).

Διαθέτει μεγάλη ποικιλία με διάφορα θέματα και μπορείτε να επιλέξετε ανάμεσα από 170 μαθήματα από κατηγορίες όπως: Animal Science & Care, Beauty & Fashion, Business & Careers, Computing & IT, Cooking, Criminology, Event Management, Hobbies, 
Interior Design, Languages, Life Skills, Parenting, Photography, Sport, Writing & Media Skills.

Επίσης διαθέτει και πιστοποίηση CPD/CE
*CPD Membership Number: 10817

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